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V1.3 is finally here! + Thank you for 500+ downloads!!
Thank you so much everybody for waiting! A lot of really wild life stuff has happened over the past two months -- if you follow me on other platforms you may ha...
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updates! + "watch this space" post
happy december! it's cold as hell where i'm at, but at least i can feel some rays of sunshine while making this game about a perfect (?) tropical paradise! stay...
V1.2! 🌺
hey all, first off, thanks so much for all the support! i’m honestly floored by the positive response thus far, especially since this project is so personal t...
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it's here!!!!
finally, the first part of tropical depression tendency is available for download! i've put a lot of love into this game so far, as small and imperfect as it...
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new release timeframe + more!!
hey everybody ✩ so if you've been following this page (and if you have -- wow! thank you!!) you may have noticed that the target release date has come and go...