it's here!!!!

finally, the first part of tropical depression tendency is available for download! i've put a lot of love into this game so far, as small and imperfect as it is, to try to work through my past traumas in an effort to become a less burdened person. i've put the game up as free to play -- donations suggested only -- in hopes that it will be easier for others to experience it (and hopefully enjoy it!) without a price attached.

this is v1.0, if you find any bugs or get stuck feel free to comment, message me on twitter (@DELTAHEAD_), or email me at

that being said, thank you for following the project thus far, and i will keep you updated on part 2!
bashoufak ba3dein! ¡hasta luego! see you later!  🌺☀️✨


Tropical Depression Tendency (Part 1) (Mac).zip 517 MB
Sep 03, 2018
Tropical Depression Tendency (Part 1) (Windows).zip 516 MB
Sep 03, 2018

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