new release timeframe + more!!

hey everybody 

so if you've been following this page (and if you have -- wow! thank you!!) you may have noticed that the target release date has come and gone. isn't that goofy??? well, here's what's going on: i have epilepsy, and while it's been decently manageable in the past, it's gotten way, way worse over the past few months; i've been having serious issues since february, to the point where i was having seizures almost every day, and i was in and out of hospitals and doctors offices for weeks. it wasn't great! so yeah, that's why there haven't been very many updates lately, let alone a full game. sorry everyone!

the good news is:
1) i still love working on this game when i can
2) this game is still gonna come out soon

i'm aiming for mid-july at this point -- will keep you all updated more that i have been, promise! i'd like to start posting concept art and stuff as well, hehe. if you want to support my game work, feel free to donate to my ko-fi! here are a few new screenshots in the meantime. enjoy! 



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