V1.2! 🌺

hey all,
first off, thanks so much for all the support! i’m honestly floored by the positive response thus far, especially since this project is so personal time! thank you for playing ;w; second off, some players have found bugs and have kindly been reporting them; i’ve rounded up a bunch and fixed them, so here’s version 1.2! hopefully this fixes the reported bugs + helps the game run smoother.

if you do find more bugs, feel free to let me know! thanks again, everyone 💝


Tropical Depression Tendency Part 1 (V1.2 - Mac).zip 517 MB
Sep 11, 2018
Tropical Depression Tendency Part 1 (V1.2 - Windows).zip 516 MB
Sep 11, 2018


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hey can you mark these with the operating systems using itchios system because if you dont its not compatible to download with the twitch client

itch client. you know what i mean

Ah, so this is it, I was really confused why it was saying "Not available on Windows" and came here to ask...