Big big update!!

WOW. So I thought I posted this six months ago but it turns out it was sitting in my drafts this whole time and I didn't even realize!!! WOW!!! I am so sorry to everyone who was waiting on updates but thought this game dropped off the face of the earth!!! Here is the original post, thank you so much for your patience with my badness at posting updates, whether it's an accident or not! Thank you!!!

Hello hello! If you've been following my work over the past year and a half, you may have seen and/or played my game Tropical Depression Tendency, a free-to-play survival RPG side-project that I've been developing for a while in order to process and release a lot of trauma. Part 1 dropped September 2018, and I've planned to release the whole thing in 5 parts, but as you can see it's been a miiiinnuuuteeee since Part 1, and Part 2 has yet to come out. Why is that??

Well, my last post covered what I like to call my Life Supernova, aka a lot of things changed very much and very quickly that caused me to place myself in a space of healing + rebuilding, which meant that for many months I hadn't had much free time -- which is the only time I have available to set aside for creating TDT (since there's no revenue involved). I have been able to set aside more time for it lately though, which means that I was coming back to a lot of things that I wrote before the Life Supernova, which is an event in my life that changed me dramatically. I have a new perspective on -- and a new relationship with -- the traumas that the game is based on. On top of that, I have a lot more development + art experience than I did when I first started the game, which has changed a lot of the ways I want the game to be structured, as well as a lot of my thoughts about game design. 

Because of those reasons and more, I've decided to develop Tropical Depression Tendency as a complete game all in one shot, instead of releasing it in parts like originally planned. It's a little bit of a bummer to do so, because people have told me that they're excited for Part 2 -- which is amazing by the way, I thought like 5 people max would play this game! -- but ultimately I feel very good about this decision. It'll make for a better, more complete encapsulation of my journey with mental health, and hopefully opens it up to be more relatable to people as well. Also I think it just makes for a better + more enjoyable game; even since I reached that decision about a week ago, I've had a lot more energy for game dev'ing in my spare time, and the game has already seen a new layer of polish that I'm really proud of! I'll speak soon on my experience with this, as well as programming survival horror puzzles which I never thought I was that capable of but it is working and I am excited and I told y'all when I get excited about this stuff I never shut up lol sorryyyy

So please consider Part 1 of TDT as more of a demo than Part 1, and expect the full game Spring 2020  πŸ’š

I'll be posting more updates as development goes on. Thank you so much to the 1,000+ people who have played this game (!!!) I really never imagined anyone to play it and that means a lot to me. Thank you for sticking with the project, and I hope you enjoy the full game when it's finally out!

Also here are some (very in-progress!) screenshots <3


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Glad you're still working on it, I can't wait to see the whole thing! :D

Awesome! Look forward to it! 😊🌺🎊

thank you! T_T

Better late than never! :)

that is true!! thank you for your support!!